Harrison Hines, Neurology Resident, San Francisco CA

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Harrison Hines is a Neurology resident physician at UC San Francisco, where he strives to make a difference with his patients on a daily basis. He has an MD along with an MA in Theological Studies. Faith has been important in shaping his life.

"I am a Christian. I believe in a God of grace and justice and try to follow his command to love him and love others. I am humbled in my work to meet people everyday in their most vulnerable times, and I aim to be a manifestation of God’s love for them."

When asked to tell his personal success story, Harrison says, "It is really the story of the people who have supported me through the years. My parents constantly reminded me that my brother and I could do anything we put our mind to, and it shaped the way I made many future decisions."

“Sometimes it only takes one mentor who truly cares to make all the difference in your confidence in life."

Harrison says that to him, winning means helping others succeed. He says he wants to make an impact by "improving the health of my patients and their communities by modifying their social determinants of health."

Harrison keeps busy with his residency, but he also experiences great joy at home with his wife and son. "It is a thrill to see him grow into the person he is becoming."

He also likes to listen to audiobooks at 2.5x speed (to help him get through more books) during his commute. He plays tennis and enjoys trying out new restaurants with friends in his free time.

Given your experience and knowledge, what would be helpful for young Black people to know if they want to pursue your career?

Medicine is a long exercise in investing in the future. You are sorely needed because Black people are still sorely underrepresented in medicine, but you should only do it if you truly love it because the cost is too high otherwise.

What are some key skills they should acquire or things to do to prepare?

I think learning how to love learning is the most important skill. Medicine is a lifetime of learning.

I think getting experience shadowing a physician is very helpful to understand what the lifestyle is like and if you want that sort of life.

What are some of the mistakes you made entering this career or unnecessary obstacles faced which can be avoided?

Learn how to be efficient with your work now. Medical school and residency demand most of your time and energy, and learning how to be efficient with your time now will serve you well.

Next on the horizon for Harrison is finishing his residency, then probably a fellowship in Neurology. We look forward to seeing Dr. Hines continue to make a difference in the lives of his patients wherever he goes.

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